Purple Scrappy Quilt

The title pretty much says it all.  This is my purple scrappy quilt I was talking about here.  I had made two but was only able to get one quilted right away.  I love how it turned out in all of its purple glory.

I used a traditional stacked coin pattern, I didn’t want anything to fancy since I wanted to try a new thread intensive quilting design.

The thread is King Tut, variegated with dark purples and blues.  It is absolutely beautiful on the back, almost as pretty as the front.

Can’t wait to replenish my purple scrap stash – time to do some more fabric shopping!


About jenn thurston

Enjoying the life of working a full time job and helping run our small quilting business. Check out our webpage for fabric, classes and our store blog!
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2 Responses to Purple Scrappy Quilt

  1. quiltfever says:

    Love the colors and the quilting is fabulous.

  2. Alison H says:

    It is absolutely GORGEOUS! I can’t believe how fabulous the quilting is…I am simply amazed.

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