Big Changes = Better Sewing

When we purchased our house it originally had two bedrooms and a loft, last July my in-laws helped us (when I say “help” I basically mean did all the work…) change the loft into a bedroom.  Two short days and they were done, except for the painting part… and to be honest, who in the world enjoys painting??  If you do, please leave me your name and number below and I will contact you for our next painting project- ha ha.

A year came and went and we still had not finished painting the new drywall.  Once all my sewing stuff was put back in the room we lost motivation because of all the stuff that we would have to move back out to get to all the walls, as you can see below.

In all fairness, I was in the middle of a big project when this was taken… who am I trying to fool, my sewing room was out of control!

We had to prime the drywall, prime the green color and repaint the whole room – as well as the ceiling and attic door.  Yuck… two days longer than I had in my mind, in fact, it probably took less time to make it from the loft to the bedroom!

So here is my new sewing room… I love it.  If I could, I would spend every waking minute of the day here!

I got these cool dress figures two years ago for Christmas but never had a good place to hang them until now.

Was looking for the perfect push pin boards and found them at Target.  They are made from woven seagrass – they are very unique and exactly what this room needed – however, word of warning if you are thinking about getting one… they STINK like your nose is stuck in a vitamin canister.  It’s been about two weeks and the smell is finally starting to go away.

You may recognize this little birdie – I finally found the perfect place for him to be perched.

The new room change has brought even more productivity, it’s only noon and I have already completed two quilts – I’ll post them after I get them off Millie.  They used ALL of my purple scraps, guess I’ll have to work on collecting some more purple scraps!


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Enjoying the life of working a full time job and helping run our small quilting business. Check out our webpage for fabric, classes and our store blog!
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2 Responses to Big Changes = Better Sewing

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  2. Abby Latimer says:

    I love your sewing room. It is so fun to have a place to call your sewing room!

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