Bird Watching

I went to the Quilt Symposium about a month ago, and after the show a friend took me to this cool place called Clearing House.  The best words I can use to describe what this place is — “upscale consignment shop”, other words used to describe it; unique, great finds, quaint old house, I really could go on and on about this place, it’s so neat.

So when we walked up to the small welcoming porch, the first thing to catch my attention was this cool looking rod-iron shelf.  This was no plain jane rod-iron shelf, it had the cutest white washed birds on the corners, I couldn’t take my eyes off them… very cool, with a very uncool price tag.  Although I don’t remember the exact price, I remember it being around $40.00 and thinking… “my DH would kill me”.  So, I regretfully put it back where I found it.  A month later I’m still thinking about this cute shelf that I had seen wishing the price was just a little lower.  Just so happens that the same friend that had introduced me to my new favorite shop needed to drop some donations off in the area. We decided to stop in for a quick visit on our lunch break.  To my surprise, my bird shelf was still there — with a new lower price tag attached!  My lucky day, not only was it half the price it originally was, but because it was there a month it was 20% off that price.

What a fantastic find, the bird shelf gods have smiled upon me.  I may be going a little over the top, but I am thrilled the birds found a new home with me (I’m sure my DH doesn’t feel the same).  I will post updated pictures when it finds its new spot in my sewing room, until then, I will be bird watching from afar.


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Enjoying the life of working a full time job and helping run our small quilting business. Check out our webpage for fabric, classes and our store blog!
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2 Responses to Bird Watching

  1. Had to visit your blog after you visited mine. Congratulations on the longarm. You’ll have a great time. I like your bird thing too and that purse is just too cute.

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