It’s here , it’s here!!

After what feels like many years of dreaming and waiting, the day has arrived where I have my very own long arm!!  This is exciting news to a quilter, but not so exciting to a non-quilter enthusiast.  For you non-quilters, the long arm is an incredible tool that makes quilting less painful, (your back muscles will be thanking you among other muscles) and cuts the time to quilt significantly – not to mention all the cool designs that you can do by either computer or pantographs.

We have managed to unpack and set up Millie, (that’s what we call her) load and finish the first quilt.  Millie is short for Millennium who is made by APQS.  The instructions were pretty easy to get through (with only one minor glitch we were able to work through) and she quilts amazingly well.

Throughout the year we make charity quilts that go to an orphanage in Africa, called Contagious Hope.  They are a great organization; if you want to do a charity quilt (or it could be dolls, clothes, basically anything hand-made) and you’re not sure where you want to send it, I recommend you check them out.  We ship our finished quilts to their site in California about a month before Christmas and they ship them out from there to the orphanage to distribute as Christmas gifts – what could be better than making a child’s Christmas morning?  So our first quilt we did on Millie is now ready to go to Contagious Hope.


About jenn thurston

Enjoying the life of working a full time job and helping run our small quilting business. Check out our webpage for fabric, classes and our store blog!
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